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Attack II Volleyball Serving Machine by Sports Attack 121-1100

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Attack II Volleyball Serving Machine

Precise Repetition Training for Women's Volleyball

The Attack II volleyball machine is designed for women's volleyball and will deliver thousands of reps in daily practice of serve receiving, digging, and spiking. With two extra-wide throwing wheels, accuracy and repeatability are assured in every drill, eliminating time-wasting errant hits.


The Attack II can deliver serves with a full range of spins, including sharp topspin and breaking floaters to simulate match situations. It is easily rolled along the serving baseline, changing the angle of serves. This unit, designed for the speed and height of the women's game, will provide a realistic serve release point and can deliver a jump serve at international level speeds, up to 70 MPH. The locating pins on the shaft will allow you to instantly position the throwing head to men's serving height.


The Attack II delivers the ball at realistic angles from over the net at top speeds to make actual game conditions a part of every digging drill.


The Attack II can also be used for setting drills. It can be set to release the ball from a realistic setting height, not from floor level like some competitive units. This helps players develop their accuracy and consistency in setting the ball.

Less Ball Wear

The Attack II features two 4" soft white polyurethane ball gripping surfaces that help to reduce ball wear. The contoured shape of the ball throwing wheels also helps to uniformly distribute the contact forces, eliminating the high wear contact points.

Horizontal and Vertical Movement

The Attack II's horizontal throwing head movement allows the coach to point ball delivery in any direction, working straight on, in the seams, or to an individual's weak side. This helps to extend players' range and improve their all-around game.

Portability and Storage

The Attack II is portable and easy to store. It features locking casters that provide instant mobility on the court and stability during use. The throwing head can also be removed, allowing storage of the frame in the open gym.

Exceptional Training Machine Quality

The Attack II is made with high-quality materials and construction, ensuring years of use. It features a 16-gauge diamond plate platform for sure-footing and safety during use. The frame is powder-coated, rust-resistant steel tubing for extreme durability.

The Attack II Volleyball Machine is the perfect tool for women's volleyball teams of all levels who want to improve their skills. It is a versatile and durable machine that can be used for a variety of drills, including serving, spiking, and setting. The Attack II is also easy to transport and store, making it a great option for teams and clubs.


  • Precise repetition training for women's volleyball
  • Serving with a full range of spins
  • Realistic spiking and setting drills
  • Less ball wear
  • Horizontal and vertical movement
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Exceptional training machine quality


  • Improves volleyball skills
  • Helps players develop accuracy and consistency
  • Provides realistic game conditions
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Durable and long-lasting

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