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Sports Attack Strike Attack Soccer Machine

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Strike Attack Soccer Machine

The Ultimate Tool for Soccer Training

The Strike Attack soccer machine is the perfect tool for soccer training. It is designed to provide precise, quality repetition for all aspects of the game, from passing and shooting to dribbling and defending.

Key Features:

  • Delivers balls at speeds up to 75 mph and distances of up to 70 yards
  • Can be used with all standard soccer balls
  • Offers a variety of spin options, including left and right spin, high arching, and rolling
  • Can be used to simulate a variety of game situations, including free kicks, penalty kicks, and corner kicks
  • Easily controlled by the coach from a standing position
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Built to last with a heavy-duty frame and durable components


  • Improves accuracy and consistency of passing and shooting
  • Helps players develop a strong first touch
  • Teaches players how to control the spin of the ball
  • Prepares players for game situations
  • Reduces the need for live goalkeepers
  • Allows coaches to focus on instruction and feedback

The Strike Attack Soccer Machine is the perfect way to take your soccer training to the next level. Order yours today!

Here are some of the drills you can do with the Strike Attack Soccer Machine:

  • Passing drills: Short passes, long passes, crossing, through balls
  • Shooting drills: Free kicks, penalty kicks, volleys, first-touch shots
  • Dribbling drills: Ball control, change of direction, shielding the ball
  • Defending drills: Marking, tackling, blocking shots
  • Goalkeeping drills: Shot stopping, distribution, handling crosses

The Strike Attack Soccer Machine is the perfect tool for any soccer player or coach looking to improve their skills. It is versatile, portable, and easy to use. Order yours today and start taking your soccer game to the next level!

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